About Me

December 16, 2016   

Paul is an Infrastructure Engineer who has been doing IT and Operations for longer than he cares to admit and has worked across many industries, retail, game development, managed hosting, and more. He has worked in both very large and very small organizations.

As an avid Technologist he can be found tinkering with emergent technologies (hello running docker in production in 2014) and optimizing and codifying the operations of large legacy applications.

Paul is an active member of the Austin Technology scene and is often found at the Austin DevOps, Cloud Austin, Docker Austin, and OpenStack Austin both as a attendee and as a speaker.

Paul also helps organize local community conferences such as DevOps Days Austin and Container Days Austin.

Technology isn’t his only interest though. Paul has a love of cooking and can often be found baking sourdough bread and cooking Texas style barbecue in his custom offset pit and competing ( and winning ) in food competitions both locally and interstate.

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